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US Immigration Lawyers London

We provide U.S. immigration Law services to British Citizens and other UK residents wishing to join or visit their families in the US or looking  to set up a business in the US or work in the United States of America .

US immigration and Visa law is quite complex, and the paperwork can be burdensome, making it easy for the ordinary  person to make mistakes in the U.S visa applications. It is important to seek the services of a US Immigration Lawyer in London to assist with your US visa application.

Some mistakes are easy to fix , but some US visa application mistakes have dire consequences which may make the visa applicant permanently banned from entering the Unites States. On occasions those mistakes mean that an intending U.S visa applicant will require a waiver application before they can enter the US.

Why work with a U.S Immigration Lawyer in London

If you are a resident in the UK or you are a British Citizen, you should understand that the importance of using a US Immigration Lawyer in London is the ease that it would take that US immigration lawyer to understand your situation and your documents.  You wouldn’t need to complicate the US visa application process by having to explain your documents or how to access them . For example, a non a U.S Immigration Lawyer in UK may not readily know you can proof your home ownership by obtaining office copies from the land registry office.

Our US immigration lawyer in London

At Larhdel Law, we have one of the very few dual qualified attorneys vastly experienced in immigration law. Our principal attorney practices both US Immigration law as well as UK immigration law. She is admitted to the rolls of Solicitors in England and Wales regulated by the solicitor’s regulation authority. She is also admitted as an attorney to the California Bar and practices immigration law throughout the 50 states of America.

You need an experienced immigration lawyer to help you through the minefield of US immigration or Visa applications. Your application would be handled by a professional attorney.

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Snapshot of us immigration visas

  • Family-based immigrant visas- Green Cards
  • Family based nonimmigrant visa  – K1 visa / K4 /K3
  • Business-based   nonimmigrant and immigrant visas  
  • Other work visas
    • HIB (workers) B1 –business Visitor, B2 Leisure visitor, F1 –Students, J1 Exchange visitors etc.